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The ActiveOne Mini AGV is a different drive and low height model (235mm), which allows tunnelling underneath common logistic trolleys, and turning in very narrow spaces. ActiveOne Mini has natural navigationguidance and the control and safety are powered by SIEMENS® controllers.


  • | Natural features navigation
  • | Lifting capacity: 500 kg
  • | Dimensions: 235 mm x 900mm x 700mm
  • | Speed: from 0 to 1,5 m/s
  • Capacity to maneuver in small spaces (low turning radius and capacity to turn on its own axis)
  • | Safety scanners: 182 degrees
  • | Differential traction
  • | RFID based positioning
  • | Wireless communications for interaction with production line and operators
  • | Wireless communications for remote management and monitoring
  • | Ability to program the whole AGV fleet via wireless
  • Opportunity charger option

activeOne Mini


I Traction capacity: 1125N
I PIN length: 50mm